JESUS IN JAPAN relies on the faithful support of financial ministry partners.

Current partners include families, filmmakers, and some native Japanese!



Why, Where and Who in Japan


I learned of Japan's 25,000 suicides per year, almost 70 lives per day.

A nation of only 1% Christians...  and I knew I had to go.

I began helping ministries in Kyoto, Japan - where I served this past year.

Very quickly, I learned some unsettling realities about this isolated nation.

People are weary. The church is struggling.

Pastors are lacking resources and need help.

Believers are overwhelmed and discouraged.

Unbelievers are too busy to visit a church.

Japan needs hope, and needs it now.

Missionaries for over 35 years see that God is moving in Japan,

and are begging for workers and support for Media Ministry.

Japanese may never enter a church...  but they will watch a video.

Hope can be shared a laptop at home, or a smart phone on the train.

Streaming Video. Podcasts. Testimonies. Available across Japan.

Working with pastors, ministries and missionaries,

we are pairing the power of God's Word and media

to share messages of hope far beyond church walls.

As a filmmaker and minister, I believe this is an opportunity
to massively and positively impact this unreached nation.


KYOTO, Japan.

The center of Japanese culture & tradition.


Interestingly, Kyoto used to be called Heiankyo, or "Capital of Peace".

Now it is simply "Kyoto" - AKA, Japan's "city of a thousand temples".


Population of 1.5 Million, and former capital of Japan.


Landscapes range from dense urban centers to countryside.

1,600 Buddhist temples. 400 Shinto shrines. Hundreds of monuments.


Numerous business, universities, schools and international communities.


~ 35% Buddhist

~ 4% Shintoist

~ 1% Christian

~ 60% claim no religion

The opportunity to impact Japan from this cultural epicenter is astounding.


From Kyoto, the former "Capital of Peace", we can saturate Japan

with the message and love of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6) 

Jamie Kassler - Filmmaker & Missionary to Japan

Since I can remember, I have loved Film & Japanese Culture.

These passions have come together in an amazing way!

Myself and volunteers are creating Christ-centered media - including testimony films for Japanese, and running a filmmaking outreach called

"The Love 愛 Project" - making films that illustrate God's love from 1 Cor 13.
By God's grace, our media reached over 35,000 people in the past 2 years.

As an act of faith and obedience, I left a well-paid, influential job

in film to pursue ministry in Japan. I have worked in narrative film

(Digital Domain), faith-based TV (CBN), education (ReachTV)

and corporate media (Avisys, Amazon Web Services).


I have taught at Regent University, Palm Beach Atlantic University,

Florida State University, Palm Beach State College, and more.

MFA in Film - MFA in Design - BA / BS in Theatre

Ordination in Ministry, 2012
(Full Baskett International)

My sending organizations are: